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Michael Burns-D'Souza

Michael Burns-D'Souza, Ph.D., is a teacher, editor, filmmaker, and actor. The author of three books, he is also the founder and curator of Tall Tales, India’s longest-running, live storytelling event series that features performances and writing retreats. He has conducted hundreds of workshops with students and clients using principles of storytelling and improv. He is originally from the US and teaches academic and creative writing at FLAME University in Pune.


Assad Khan

Assad Khan has produced, directed, and performed in multiple public and private improv comedy shows across Mumbai and internationally. Over the years, he's learned the ins and outs of showbiz, embraced all the stresses of being a producer and director, and realized that he actually loves the chaos. He loves coaching and grooming new talent and he hopes for more high-quality improv shows performed by those who are equally passionate about and dedicated to improv.


Avinash Verma

Avinash Verma is a passionate performing artist. He started with improvisational theatre in 2010 after which he did numerous plays, short sketches, musicals, and physical theatre performances. He was part of the troupe that presented ‘Improvised Bollywood’ at the Seattle International Improv festival.  He invented "Improv on a treteau", a format that is known in the world for its high intensity performances and has performed alongside well known improvisers and troupes from across the world. 

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