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Bombay Harold is a collection of Mumbai's most experienced improvisers who have over a hundred years of combined teaching experience. We have worked with young children, high schoolers, and adults in order to teach them the skills that improv imparts. At its heart, improvisation is about working together in a way where everyone feels heard, where contributions are not only encouraged, but build off each other to find the best way forward. It's an INCREDIBLY live-affirming and positive activity that epitomizes cooperation whether in a school, college, workplace, or corporate setting. We have set workshops that we carry out or we can custom design an event specifically for your group's needs and desires. Maybe most importantly, our sessions are a ton of fun where participants can let loose and laugh--so much so that they don't even realize they're learning.

Check our our presentation and/or our brochure below and for more information contact us directly:

Assad Khan: 9820516051

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