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The Harold Show - 3/4/22

Our debut show was April 3rd 2022. Never seen improv before? You'll love this. Seen improv but never the Harold? You're in for a real treat.

Many of us have done improv for years, but never this exact group together. Our first show is at Tarang Dance Studio in Chuim Village (Bandra/Khar). A map is HERE.

“The Harold is an improv style that focus more on action the way that a play unravels compared to an improv game with a punchline. It's a story, an experience. And it's funny, in that way that real life is funny.” - Michael Burns, director

The doors will open at 7:45 and the audience is welcome to gather outside before that, starting anytime after 7:15. We'll have some food and drink in the foyer.

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