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Harold Unleashed - 30/4/23

We had a show on Sunday, 30 April 2023 in Bandra.

In the Harold, storytelling meets fantasy at the intersection of life and love. We take your idea and unpack it, explore it, interpret it, rework it, and present it back to you.

"Toy Story is one of my favorite movies and there’s this one scene where Woody says, ‘Buzz you’re flying’ and Buzz responds, ‘This isn’t flying, it’s falling with style’. That exchange perfectly describes improv. It’s failing with style, which, when done well, looks like flying, or gliding, or moonwalking on Mars while juggling Snow White’s seven dwarves—wherever your imagination takes you. That’s improv!"
- Sahir Mehta, Bombay Harold

Every show is different, never seen before and never to be seen again. Come be a part of the magic at our next show.

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