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On the Spot - 29/10/22

Our show was Saturday, 29 October 2022.

Many of us have done improv for years, but never this exact group together. Every member has their strengths, and like a good Voltron, when you put each piece together you get something better than just the sum of its parts.

"The Harold is a buffet of theatre, comedy, and storytelling all prepared and served by improv chefs on the spot. Sometimes we get accused of planning things out ahead of time. Someone in the audience even said that to me after the last show. I guess it's kind of a compliment, because we absolutely do not do that. We've learned to speed up our reactions to each other so that it LOOKS like we're reciting lines, but we're not."
- Rajiv Singh, Bombay Harold

Come see our next iteration of the Harold on the 29th. Every show is different, never seen before and never to be seen again. Come be a part of the magic.

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