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The Harold Show - 11/9/22

Our show was Sunday, 11 September 2022. Never seen improv before? You'll love this. Seen improv but never the Harold? You're in for a real treat.

Many of us have done improv for years, but never this exact group together. Our next show is at Dorangos off Pali Naka in Bandra West (next to the big Candies). A map is HERE.

“The Harold is an improv style that focus more on action the way that a play unravels compared to an improv game with a punchline. It's a story, an experience. And it's funny, in that way that real life is funny. What we really hope is that we learn a little bit more about the world in the short time that we spend together.” - Michael Burns, director

The doors will open at 7:50 and the audience is welcome to gather outside before that, starting anytime after 7:30.

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