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Truth in Comedy - 8/1/23

Our show was Sunday, 8 Jan 2023.

In the Harold, storytelling meets fantasy at the intersection of life and love. We take your idea and unpack it, explore it, interpret it, rework it, and present it back to you.

"'When I was introduced to the Harold, the most challenging of all improv formats, I couldn't believe a performance like this could happen. It is theatre and storytelling on a grand scale--the "thinking man's" improv. To perform and create on the spot a tight 60-minute show that probably would take me two months to write and three months to direct is unreal. We have worked really hard on this magical format and it's finally coming together in a way that we and our audiences can be proud of."
- Alistar Bennis, Bombay Harold

Come see our next iteration of the Harold on the 8th. Every show is different, never seen before and never to be seen again. Come be a part of the magic.

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